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Making your own Chatterbait

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Came accross this link. Seems as though one can make several different chatter-style baits quite easily.
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Thanks, I may give this a try. I have been thinking about a bladed jig head with a typical walleye setup. Maybe this would help give some variation.

Also, to get the 'chatter' action, you need to slightly bend the upper portion of the blade, like the 'chatterbait' does, thats what gives it a distinct action.
shirley's is selling just the blades by themselves. i think they were $3 each. still a ripoff.
I still havent caught anything decent on a chatterbait :cry:
I took the skirt off my chatterbait today and replaced it with a walleye grub. It looks as if the combination of the spinner flash and the basically jig setup might be a good alternative presentation for walleye. Now I just need to find good walleye water to try it out in!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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