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I guess today being Halloween, I should have known some weird stuff was going to happen. I got a new baitcaster a couple of days ago, but today was the first day I could get out for more than a few minutes. Loaded up the 'yak, and off to Mallard I went.

Decided to go with an inline spinner for a while, that did nothing for me or the fish. Tossed on a 1/0 offset hook and a 5" Senko-wannabe. Because it's a new baitcaster (that's my story and I'm sticking to it), backlashed my first cast. I didn't adjust it properly. So after unraveling the mess, I started to reel in.

Shake shake shake, went the rod tip. SWEEEET!!!!! Pulled in this guy. Definitely not was I was expecting on a worm.

Nice little pike. :)

At this point, fighting the wind was getting hard, so I just cast again and let the worm sink and drift. Completely natural looking, I suppose. Reeled it back in and cast again. But into the wind. So another backlash. Grrrr. Untangled the mess, again, and started to reel in. Nibble nibble. :)

Crappie?!? On a 5" worm!? Sweet!!!
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