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fishinnut28 said:
Manns just came out with a new swim bait the Hardnose Snake. Heres the video of it

u have to click hardnose snake to the right in the collum

i was just wondering if any one here has used it.
Thinkin of buyin one.
If you do have it please tell me how it is
I haven't personally fished Mann's snake. But, true swimbaits can be goliath slayers prespawn. When the females start to stage, swimbaits perform. I think the mann's is topwater. I really like the Mann's hardnose plastics. However a warning, they break wire springs on shaky head's. Had a problem with that last year. So, I had to go to the shaky heads with the ribbed peg.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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