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Went out on this nice day and started off fishing the south side of maple lake and got nothin threw everything at them and nothin. Did see a big water snake. Went to maple lake east off the dock and got some hits on a top water heddon medow mouse (very good lure) blew up three times and went away.

Guys next to me were catching nice bass by dropshotting fake worms off the bottom. Biggest was 17inches.

Went around noon and it was jammed packed filled with people snagging bass and keeping them. I saw a guy and told him to release a bass that was ten inches he snagged or else i'll call the cops. He let the fish go and the cops came anyway and kicked people out. (It wasnt so crowded anymore)

Caught two bass on a senko and a night crawler off rock penninsula thingy.

here they are

guy next to us caught a 20incher by dropshotting a gary yamamoto worm that the bass literally ate. [/i]
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