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After dinner with my daughter in Highland Park, I stopped at The Glen, arriving around 7:10 p.m. I had planned to get at least an hour of fishing in and I am glad that I didn't change my mind. It was clear, breezy, and crisp. The water was murky. I tied on a 3/0 Gamakatsu EWG worm hook, weightless, and Texas rigged a 5" Bream color Yum Dinger on my Cielo rod/Fuego baitcast reel combo, with 15lb fluoro. I tied on a Booyah spinner bait on my Tatula rod/Tatula reel combo, with 15lb flouro. I started out at the north end of the rocks, and then I worked the bridges, and I finally got out to the long pier. At 7:35 it was fish on. He took the Yum Dinger sideways, and then he headed right for the pier. I had to work him out from under the pier to land him. He was 17" and weighed 2.32 lbs. The inside of his lips were red, and he appeared to have been looking down a lot because he eyes seem fixed with a downward cast. After putting him back, I started casting to the same spot, and working around it. Within 10 minutes it was fish on. This time I could tell the fish was a bit bigger, and the first time he surfaced, he turned sideways. I thought that I had the biggest bass in The Glen, but when I got him to the surface again to land him I realized I had a walleye! He measured out at 22" and weighed 3.90 lbs. This was my first decent sized walleye, and I couldn't believe that I caught him on a Texas rigged worm. I fished for another 1/2 hour, then I called it quits.

It seems that Lake Glenview may be producing for me again.

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