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May be my favorite video of a fish being caught

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WOW! I wonder how long he had to fight this monster! Who needs a trolling motor when you've got this fish to pull the boat around? I'm taking my two sons fishing at Lake Shabbona tomorrow...going for catfish!


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That's a big cat...

I might be out at Shabbona tomorrow too with my son. Probably won't be until later in the day though, we have a few crawlers leftover to get out of the fridge and drown. :)
that was at shabbona??
Ummm, no. I think that was in Europe somewhere, that's where those species of cats are found I beleive.

Lake record cat at Shabbona is 35 1/2" @ 21.10lbs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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