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Merry X-mas

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Merry X-mas to all of my crew! Love Da Boss!
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Ditto to the Godfather and his family.
YaYaYa!!!! Drink Drink My Friend!!! Drink till you can't drink no more!!! YaYaYa!!!

Merry XXX-mas. Who ordered the Hookers? :lol:
The Boss just got da word, He is ordering all crew members for a mandoatory meeting north of da state line tommorow!
Merry Christmas :D I'll be there in my new shanty....
Sounds Good... See ya there in the morning... 8)
will have to meet you guys out there after work tomorrow. let me know if you guys think i should just bring my stuff with and drive straight up after work.
Merry christmas to all you goomba members... :lol:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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