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It’s been an amazing season starting in the early spring and continuing right through to today, on both the Dupe and the DPR.

Last month we had back to back wading trips on a stretch of the Dupe where we sight-fished packs of 4-20 smallmouth of 15-18” in gin clear water no deeper than mid-thigh, catching 20+ fish per man. Probably the most remarkable fishing experience I’ve ever had.

Interspersed were other more modest but still incredible days, including several outings to the DPR where we again caught 20+ fish each, of between 12-17”. I’m new to that fishery and am thrilled at its recovery.

Successful baits included wake baits, square bills, ploppers, chug bugs, flukes and the Stosh rig.

Water Vertebrate Lake Smile Fisherman

Water Lake Smile Fisherman Fish

Water Smile Fish Fisherman Watercourse

Water Vertebrate Plant Smile Fisherman

Clothing Water Smile Sky Lake

Water Rock fishing Sky Plant Lake
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