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Might be a dumb question, look for laughs

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My buddy called me up today asking if he could use just a regular fish finder while ice fishing. He's got a portable Humminbird FF and didn't want to go out spending $300 on a flasher, if he didn't have to. I told him that he probably could, but figured you guys probably know better than I do. Thanks in advance.


This is the model he has, a PirranhaMax210, or something.
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Go to Hummingbird's website and look at the accessories. Thanks for the post. It made me realize that I have an extra Eagle Fishmark 320 and sure enough they sell an ice fishing transducer for it. HMMMMM.
Thanks Paul, I did, and they don't offer anything like that for this specific model. Do you have any idea at what makes the transducers different?

The only thing I can think of is instead of having a flexible cable that is attached to the transducer, it would be a pole of some sorts, ensuring it stays pointing down.
Your going to have to keep it warm I'd guess. I used a fishing buddy for a bit. LCD's hate cold.
You can use it,not as good as a flasher cause the flasher is real time and maybe a halh inch on your unit is real time,no difference in transducer itself,but you must have it straight down,a buddy of mine uses his,he had to make a arm with a level on it ,so he could make it go straight down the hole,the thicker the ice,he could lower down the arm that held the transducer so the signal would not bounce off the ice walls,you can do it ,it depends how handy you are at making things
I used that exact same unit on the ice last year. It only last about 20 minutes before it gets too cold and shuts off. It does work, but obviously not for long.
2 possible tips.

I also use a Lowrance unit on the ice.
When its really cold, a friend told me to use one of those disposable heat pads on the battery & behind the screen.
Tried it, it worked great.

Also -same buddy cut one of those swim noodles for me in a slice about 2" thick with a slice 1/2 way to the middle.
I slide the cable in, and pull it thru to match the ice depth so the transducer is below the ice.
Fish on, pull whole thing out of the water.
It stores easier than that rod, which suked balancing on ice and fishing.

I use one of these for the time being...

Old portable Hummindbird that I use on the little boat when fishing the lakes up north.
I unscrew the suction cup/mount, and clamp on the bracket which lets the transducer hang down into the hole.

I can care less for the unit marking fish or telling me what the bottom is but for finding the depth it works great. Never freezes either.

Getting a Marcum next year!
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