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Got out to a pond for the second time this year. Got a water temp of 44.9 degrees at around 9am, never checked later. Crappie bite continued to be very hot on the windblown shoreline over dead weeds in 5' or less of water. Couple fattened up female bass started to show up around noon when the sun popped up. Bass bite was hot at that time, died when the clouds came back. Still some little buck bass around shallow, most of the females have yet to come shallow for me. Hot baits were a suspending jerkbait and a spy bait. No sniffs on a jig. At the time of the hot bass bite, I figured they'd be eating rattle traps or chatterbaits for that reaction bite but those rods were in the car. Ended up catching a 15.5" crappie that tied my PB, I think, and then about 15mins later a 16" crappie that is definitely my PB. Weighed out to 2.38lbs. Mostly white crappie, very few black crappie, I think two. I am now mike slab.

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