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Mille Lacs and stuff: June '09

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Let me start out by saying that Minnesota is the s*** when it comes to fishing!

This last week I took a trip up to the Brainerd Lakes area for some dynamite fishing. One thing I did notice in going up there was that the weathermen had it all wrong. The forecast indicated a decent weather pattern with the sun showing itself daily. In reality we encountered a nice little front that brought with it overcast conditions with 15-20 mph winds for 4 days straight. Talk about being off the mark!
The fact that we still managed to pull off a pretty decent trip speaks volumes for the quality of fishing to be had up there. We spent a couple days on Mille Lacs where we took on some white water that could have been used to film " The Perfect Storm 2". A true test in keeping my lunch down. At times, this forced us to find smaller lakes where cover could provide a calmer water condition. The smaller lakes paid off in decent largemouth and pike with a few crappie in the mix. The days we found the courage to hit Mille Lacs paid off in some decent smallmouth fishing capped off by my PB walleye and smallie. This could not have happened with out the skilled boatmanship of my buddy and a little something called GPS.

Considering we were half hour away from Mille would be short of a felony to not fish it.

My friend kept us on the fish by doing alot of drifting and strategic placement on and around the reef that holds fish up there. The preferred bait up there turned out to be tubes and jig and leeches. On one day we caught our fair share of smallmouth, some that rivaled the fishing shows we drool over on Saturday mornings. While chasing the smallies we managed to land a good number of jumbo rock bass. They grow the rockies big up there and the fight can be compared to fight of the smallmouth that we see here in Illinois.

Well enough with the rambling, lets move on to the pictures that tell the true story. The dates are a bit out of order but I wanted to start slow and end up with a big bang.

Here we go.

The smaller lakes provided alot of good largies that took to the senko like white to rice.

We fished close to shore along the weedline and lilly pads, the fish also were to be found in deeper weed lines. I don't find myself in boats often so I found it interesting slaying bass on an outside weedline that could easily extend a couple hundred yards from shore.
The next pic was taken at the lake I stayed at with the friend that is fortunate to live up there. I was just casting off the dock and in short order caught crappie, rock bass, gills, small pike and this guy here.

What made it interesting was that I was using my 48" ultralight with twister tail.

On to the Mighty Mille Lacs:

Both days welcomed us there with a strong wind and healthy chop to the water. Even with these challenges ahead my friend put us on some fish like this beaut.

Along with the rock bass we managed some smallmouth. The very last day I was there I found a fish with a big appetite that was only shadowed by it's bigger girth. This was my highlight of the day and the others in the boat found themselves on similar bounty. A testament to what this lake has to offer.

The best part was that I happened to be rolling the video when this catch took place. I was checking out of the many loons we saw while up there. The video lacks a steady hand but the outcome captures a memory that may last a lifetime for me. Check it out. ... V029_1.flv

Let's hope they are biting this fall since I've already indicated that I may darken my friend's doorstep for another adventure.

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Hell Yea JB, Nice report and a great place to be! Luck You!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: Those smallies are beautiful! :D Thanks for the report, I am jealous! This year I can not make it to Canada or such, but im going muskie fishing in the fall without a guide. Sounds like a great time with some good fish! Thanks for the report and great job once again bud!

Looks and sounds awesome up there in MN!
Nice fish! Especially that smallie!

Great video too=)
Thats awsome JB ! Those r some nice fish :D
Great report!
Awesome job JB, congrats on your two PB's!
That is a dream trip JB. I bet you can't wait to get back.
great report! that smallie looks fat! congrats on your PBs
that smallie :shock: :shock:
Ha the Stache is back!!! I love it. At least this time around I showed my toothy grin! I'm telling you that state is the answer to all the fishing dreams we wake up to wishing for more. Another buddy kept telling me that I gotta hit Mille Lacs. I've heard great things about it and if I didn't hit it that would be a cryin' shame. Now that I fished it, I'm hurtin' for more of that stuff.
Thanks for the replies.

Last night I went to a pond that has some decent fish and landed about 15 on senkos. It left me feeling surprisingly pretty good considering the outcome in MN. The size wasn't there exactly but it was decent considering the competition it had.

Other Illinois fishing may leave something to desire in comparison. I'm just going to have to separate the two and appreciate what it's worth. That and stick to the locations here that may payoff rather then leave me disappointed.

I'm going to head out to the Fox tomorrow after work so I'm a bit nervous of the outcome. We'll see. Love chasin' them smallmouth.

Thanks again for the great replies!
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Just a MN fishing license...out of state for 7 days was like 28 bucks or something. Small price to pay.

I know the river has been up but I'm itching to do some wading somewhere. I can make it to the Fox after work for the sunset bite. I'll set my standards low since I haven't done that well on the Fox this year. Thanks for the expectation report.
JB, it sounds like you are itchin to move up to MN :lol: It is tough to compare up north fishing with the likes of IL. The best tradeoff though is that in the Spring we get a much earlier start and the open water fishing stretches out longer as well. Other then that though, there is not much to compare!
Nice report and WOW what a pig smallie...thanks for sharing!

And Just an FYI...the river has been dropping and I would think by now it's pretty wadeable. I've been in WI for the last 4 days, but I was able to wade last thursday with no problems. The last couple times out the fishing has been pretty good too..
awesome trip and minnesota is defintely one of the best fishing states in the country if not the best.
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