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Hi guy's,I'm going out on the harbor for some open water fishing in Milwaukee.They say that there are Steelhead & coho's all over the place.There is a warm water discharge that my brother knows about.If you watch John Gillespie on Wisconsin Waters & Woods,then you might be familiar with it.What do those fish hit on?Some say live minnows & some say crank baits & Zip lures.Please help!Bill

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Honestly, I have no idea on what to use at this time of year. I have fished for those fish, mostly in October at Kenosha (at night). I was using pretty much any spoon, especially KO Wobblers and Cleos, around 3/4 ounce. As far as crankbaits, I would use Dave's Kaboom Deep Diving Shiner (basically a Thunderstick). Or, Rat-L-Traps are always good. Don't think minnows would work well, unless they are really big (I really have no idea). Spawn? Not really sure, but this will give you some ideas. Let me know if you need anymore help.

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