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Fished from 8:30 to 10:30pm at the mouth of the Harbor. Skunked for the 4th straight time. Not to mention I lost my brand spankin new J-11 off the 2nd cast. Damn snap came undone. I saw her float away into oblivion. I actually tried to snag it back in to no avail. What was I thinkin!!! :shock:

I went to my glow spoons for the first hour after losing my shiny firetiger. Not a bump. I switched to a rat trap (which I customized with glowpaint) for 30 mins. thereafter. Not a bump. I got desperate and tossed buzzbaits and spinners hoping anything might hit. Not a bump.

But the skyline was beautiful as always and the gentle cool NE breeze was delightful. Water is always pretty to look at with sparkly lights reflecting off it.

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