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Went to Montrose this morning and fished from about 7:30 to 1:30 with two of my friends. It was SLOW...I didn't even see one caught. I fished from the mouth of the harbor the whole time and we had three poles: salmon rod w/spawn (7 feet deep), a light action perch rod (with wax worm and perch jig...just in case they were biting, and my regular salmon rod, where I was casting cranks and spoons. Nothing on the spawn or cranks and spoons, but I did manage to catch like 40 gobies on the perch rod. I hate those things! Then, this guy was looking at my poles, like he had never seen fishing poles before and he even started reeling in my rod with the spawn. Then, I reeled in a goby he said, "WOW". When I put the goby down, for the seagulls to have it, he ran after it, took a bag out of his pocket, put it in, and ran off with it. LMAO. It was so funny. At least I avoided the skunk. Oh well, better than any day at school. Any ideas on why it was so slow? Have they gone somewhere else?

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