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Montrose 10.8.05

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Fished Montrose again hoping to land me another. Fished from 8:40 - 11pm. I saw one jump and rushed over to that spot. Didn't take my spoon. He jumped again about 10 ft. left of me, tossed it there and he didn't take it. Jumped again 10 ft. away to my right, didn't take it. Jumped right in front of me and I swear this fish gave me the bird! He jumped 8 more times right around me and gave me the bird everytime. If I could speak salmon, it would of been something like this.

"yoohoo, i'm over here" - splash

"dumb**, this way" - splash

"na-na na-na naa-naaaa-na" - splash

"hey, looking for me" - splash

"think you can catch me" - splash

and he gave me the bird everytime. i've never wanted to catch a fish to beat the crap out of him but this ones going to get a knuckle sandwhich right in the mouth if i ever get him.

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Great post, Augy!

I actually once punched a bluegill that had managed to screw with my bait for 20 minutes before finally getting caught.

To think these things that swim around in the water can cause a man so much anguish. If I wanted anguish, I get back with my last girlfriend!
LOL, I hear ya man, I hear ya. I can picture a full grown man, with red hair, punching the lights out of a tiny 5oz. bluegill. :shock: lmao
btw, how's the avatar situation. you should use that 21" bass pic from beck as your avatar. if it's up and running i'll submit a pic.
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