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Montrose 3.23.06

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Not much of a report but Mr. Norris and I did some perchin. Beautiful night to be out. No wind and temps in upper 30's and nice.

We moved to the south wall and it wasn't so nice. Winds picked up with light flurries.

Jason got a couple dinks and I got a couple dinks with one keeper (tossed him back later).

Jason bailed on me when it got too cold to handle. He took off and left me to fish alone. Boo hoo! :cry:

Anyway, didn't catch much after he left but I did see a brown or coho swim past me. I scambled to the car to get a different rig and it was gone when I returned. But boy was I excited to see her. New hope!!!!

I also saw, believe it or not, a big big beaver of some sort. I swear to you, no joke. I was kinda freakin out thinkin it might be some sort of fish but it's head was above water the whole time it scooted across. I followed him but he wasn't afraid of me cause he just slowly cruised down the harbor. I tossed out my x-rap a few times but soon thought, "what the hell am I doing! what the hell am I gonna do with a beaver if I catch it? dumbass". Then I went home.

well, that's my little adventure at montrose. btw, vote for the local waters tour in the "open debate" section.

Later, Augy
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Good Report Augy. The weather forecast shows some nice days ahead :D
It certainly was a nice, but chilly evening at Montrose Harbor.

I did cast some glow spoons out for awhile as well with no results.

The perch seemed to be hitting the "lively" minnows a couple of feet off the bottom.

Too bad I couldn't have stayed out longer. The cold was fine. However, my volunteer work with blind children later that evening caused me to have to pack it in early. It's all about charity with me you know. 8)
Anyone wanna go to the pond tomorrow (aka Sat)? Maybe Jason if your not giving a kidney to a starving child in Africa?
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