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Was out there by mouth of the harbor from 5:30 - 8pm for some perch fishing using my ultra light rod and 2lb. line spooled reel. As usual i'm using a crappie rig and large fathead minnows as bait....after 10 mins. I snagged on something and lost my crappie rig. I took another crappie rig from my tackle bag and loaded it with minnows and this time used a lighter weight so I can bounce it off the bottom without putting to much stress on my light line. After bouncing the weight on the bottom a couple of times I felt my line got tight and I thought I got snagged again but I felt a little bump. I think it was just a reflex reaction, I set that hook and felt that connection and boy it went crazy for the next 7-10 mins. There's this guy who started yelling "you got a coho!!" and started climbing down the ladder infront of me and told me to get it close to him he will land it by hand since nobody have a net. Luckily I have my extra tall blue bucket and told the guy to use it to scoop the fish(I used before that's why I know it works ). This guy who was helping me knows what he was doing and was able to land that 24" coho....THANK YOU VERY MUCH BUD....
Sorry no pictures...there's one guy that took my picture and he told me he'll give me a copy when we meet again....
It was a blast fighting that coho with an ultra light tackle :D :D ....I'll be back tomorrow for some more perch :?: :?: Oh yeah :? :? there still a lot of perch biting but not as big as those last sun. and mon.
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