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after seeing alot of people limit out on perch before sunup I decided to go very early. Got there around 330 and stayed till about 8. I went with 4 others and met up with larry aka legend075. Man we killed em. We ended up getting roughly 45. We could have gotten 60 easily but I was to dam drained and had no energy. Everyone was getting them. Threw everything back under 10 inches. The bite never relly stopped either. I was using shrimp and just the meat of the crawfish. I might try and make it down there tomm since it is the last day.


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Rollcast said:

Where were you guys, the inlet or down by the hook?

Good job.
Are we boiling or baking them and what can I bring!!
On the wall facing South of the lake. Everyone was catching Jumbos. The guys next to me just were slamming them one after another on small minnows.
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