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Montrose Perch Report: 11/21/05

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Augy, Willy (with Nathan and Nicolas) and I fished Montrose this evening from about 7:30pm-10pm. About 50 perch caught - 15 of which were keepers. Used minnows and fished in the harbor. Temps about 40, NNW winds10-20mph. Good time!
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wait a minute we fished til 10:45 and there were 20 keepers and don't forget Nathan & Nicolas! can't blame em for driving me nuts with the super lite bite, they are too young to concentrate that hard, anyway here's todays catch...

Augy and a shark :lol:

Jason's watching!

While Willy's catching :lol:

let's do it again tomorow, got a bottle of brandy!
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Right on, guys! Fishin' die-hards! Had a good time fishin with you all.
You guys going out there again tonight? Call me if you are.
Let's do it!!!! Why not if the fish are biting. See ya boys there around 6:30-7.
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