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Hit Montrose Saturday morning.

First cast was at 4:30am.
No need for a head light by 5am..

Second cast I hooked a perch and it was non-stop until ~6:30pm.

Caught about 25, kept 6 for the pan that were from 9-12 inches.
Lots were from 7-9 inches.

Best bite was minnows on a drop shot, second bait was shrimp.
Saw a few caught on softshells..
Without letting shorties go i could've had my limit by 6am.
But those little guys are more work and not much meat..

From 6:30-~8am it was slow, no fish after 8am.

Stopped at 63rd Street on the way home.
Few bites lots of gobies.

Chatting with some guys, the bite was like the north shore...
All perch were caught before 8am.

Get out if you can.

I might head back next weekend.


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yea the perch seem to be slowing up at diversey i have been down there wed was great but thurs day slower and sat i went out in front of navy peir got only 13 keepers pretty good size to those 13 too but i was went today down to diversey wit the pops and it was really slow so i kno if its just diversey but it seems slower
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