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Montrose Report 3/25/06 Part 3 One in a Million Day Cont.

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Fished from 4pm-7:30pm.

Fished with the same master fishermen as Beck and McHenry Dam from earlier in the day. This time and odd thing happened. The fish where not biting. The only thing we could come up with using our 70+ years of fishing know how was...... The fish where at the 95th harbor. It was far too late to chase them down so we decided to let them fatten up a bit and we would regroup and catch them another day.
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Brilliant way to report it, Will! And so true!
200 miles of gas=$25.00

Every known species of live bait available at three different bait shops=$25


3 bodies of water in every direction we could possibly stretch ourselves armed to the teeth with every kind of live bait imaginable (swimming and crawling kind), six rods, three gigantic tackle boxes, two bags of jerky, a carton of marlboros, and a couple hundred miles on the odometer with not a single frickin nibble=PRICELESS
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