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Montrose Report 6/2/07 w/pic

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Got there like at 5 this morning. Fished for like 3-4 hrs in one spot. Caught like 5 (bottom stringer...there's 2 stringers if you look closely). Then, we switched spots, and the top stringer is what we caught in a matter of like 2 hrs, between three of us. Didn't count exactly how many were caught, but I know there's at least 30 fish on the stringer...probably closer to 35 or 40 fish. Easily caught over 50 fish with many dinks, which were thrown back. For bait, we tried minnows for like an hour, but they pretty much produced nothing but dinks, so we switched to jigs and that did the trick. Anyways, here's the pic...

Sorry for the blurred background...the fish are everywhere, and I don't want everyone to be crowding one certain spot. Get out there now while the action is hot. :D
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I'm going out Sat or Sun. Shore fishing Lake County In. Hopefully I'll have some pics.
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