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Long time no post WCF,

So its been a while since I have been out but managed time this morning to wet a line or two. My godmother and I were planning on Lake Arlington but stayed close for other reasons.

We arrived at the horseshoe at 0930 and first cast was approx 0945 and fish on by joke. It barely hit bottom and the perch just nailed it. Fought like a champ and woulda made a great eater, but im not poaching. :lol: I can wait a week or so. It was down hill from there with numerous gobies (all executed) :twisted: and then the wind picked up and so did we.

Headed in the harbor to find more gobies, some baby perch and a bunch of small coho's. No hardcore fishing today, just to sit and see what happens. Throughout all my outings, I never learn and once again got sunburned

p.s. yahoo is acting wierd but I have pix for everyone. ill try asap
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