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Montrose Report

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Today was fun. I was fishing for perch and I kept getting dinks with nothing over 8 inches...using everything that I could. I finally got tired and switched over to this new perch jig that I got last week. Within two minutes, I had a HUGE hit...COHO. So I had my ultralight with 4lb. test, a perch jig, AND NO NET. I figured that I wouldn't need one fishing for perch. Someone just last week told me that I should always bring one when perch fishing because the bigger fish often go for minnows and other perch bait. Anyways, so I got this thing on and I'm screaming for a net...NO ONE had one. I was so careful with my drag and I finally got it in. It was a nice fish...about 6 pounds. My friend went to go grab it and when he did it started shaking its head and it quickly snapped the line (with my jig). At least I caught one and had fun and now I will ALWAYS have a net with me.
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Ah, I see the fish came up from 95th. I knew they would. We were just a few days early. Sounds like a good day phil!
Right on, Phil! Any pics?
JasonN said:
Right on, Phil! Any pics?
Nope...all the perch were small and not even worth the picture. Otherwise, I was trying to land the coho. :cry:
Nice Phil. Probably the coho I saw swimming around few nights ago. I'm gonna try for some perchies and coho tonight. Weather is supposed to be decent with no rain. We'll see. I'll be there around 8. Gonna try the handicap pier a bit and if nothing at the southeast wall.

I'll be at Montrose tomorrow...just couldn't pass up the 70 degree temps with S winds! Anyway, I'll be powerlining and if I have no luck, I'll switch to fishing for perch.
Cool, its always fun to tie into something unexpected. Good luck when you head back out :D
Looks like i'd better get the power line out! what time you fishin' phil?
Right now, it's 8:30 and I'm leaving in like 5 minutes...have heard they usually bite later on. I'm sure Montrose will be full and I'll be anywhere that I can find an open spot.
Good to know at least somebody is having a good time fishing. As for me, I'm off to get the f*#kin boot off my car. I HATE CHICAGO!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
Dud you got a boot on your car?!! I fucking hate Chicago because of that shit too!
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