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Montrose Saturday Night?

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I'd love to get on some of these shore bound salmon with my Fiance. I've never done this before. Is anyone willing to show me the ropes a bit on Saturday night. Or possibly just some information as to, what, where, and how to get on some of these guys so that I can possibly get out there Saturday night.

What bait, how to use it, any particular rod set up (I really don't want to buy any more gear - the better half is already close to killing me).

I've heard of (glow in the dark spoons) - what is this and how do you use it?

Please help the novice.

Oh, and what's this talk about fish "already turning black/brown"??? I'm lost please help.
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Everyone has their own opinion on things. To get started, you'll need a M to MH rod...I would say minimum 6.5', but the longer the rod the better (like a 9' M is supposed to be great). I just use that combo that I bought from BP Shops (I posted it on here a while ago), it's a 7' MH and I spooled it with Berkley Trilene Big Game 10 lb. mono. A lot of people use braided. As for lures, it's all up to you. You can fish anything from spawn to spoons. For crankbaits I would use Deep Divers, such as Thundersticks or Frenzys. I also really like Rat-L-Traps and have gotten most of my hits on them. With spoons, I usually use KO Wobblers, Cleos, and Krocs. For sizes on the spoons and the Rat-L-Trap I suggest 2/5 or 3/4 oz. I find that 2/5 are easier to keep off the bottom with a slow retrieve. You'll want to use the glow spoons when it gets dark. You'll need something to charge the spoon (like a camera flash or a bright light) to keep it glowing. With my retieve, I just let the lure sink to different depths and then start a slow to medium retrieve. The talk about kings turning darker colors is now, most of them are silver and as it gets later in the run, their meat starts to rot, which gives them that color. This happens because they die after they spawn. I've never tried Montrose, but I really want to this year.
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phil has pretty much covered everything you need. the best way to charge a glower is with a UV light. it lasts the longest but the most convenient way is with a camera flash. doesn't last as long but one zap and your ready to rock. also remember that they don't strike out of hunger, they strike when you get that lure close enough to them to piss them off. that's why it takes many many casts to get on one. but when you do, hang on man, they will give you one helluva ride. remember to set the hook real good cause they have hard mouths. go get em.
You guys covered pretty much everything except where to toss your line. I mean I know "to give away a fish's location..." whatever that quote is...but where do I even start? Is it just like the perch where if you drop that line in there, they're gonna bite pretty much anywhere or do you cast off the hook to a certain distance? How does that work?

I'm thinking about heading out there tonight...even though I should probably go work out.
any of the harbors johnny. the action usually starts further north and it picks up in the chicago harbors a bit later. they are starting to make their way to shore. try the mouths of harbors and in the harbors themselves. if your using spawn, it's like any float fishing, adjust your depth and toss it out there. if your casting, just whip it out there as far as you can and retrieve slowly a few feet down. fan cast and cover alot of water.
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