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Anyone want to learn how to power-line for coho & browns we'll be @ Montrose Harbor this thurday @ about 9am. look for the blue quest we'll be on the open water side. bundle up for safety ( for Jason & Augy right across the street from the Perch spot ) brandy or any firewater recomended the winds will be kickin'... :twisted:
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SKUNK DAY! The park bait shop is closed til March I hear so we couldn't get any bait so we casted spoons & jigs with grubs with no luck, the Percher's weren't having any luck either a tough day at the harbor, didn't see a single fish landed :shock: that's ok it was a beautiful day & i enjoyed being out there with my oldest son. we're ready for tomorow took a cruise over to ed shirleys and picked up some fatheads, hope they make it through the night, we got some crawlers for backup. i hope it's as nice but the forecast calls for snow.
Sorry I couldn't make it bro. Work is keeping me away from fishing. Maybe this Sat. we could do busse or even beck.

it's cool make your $ man! we'll be there in the morning same time in case you can make it we'll be there til around 2pm, this time we're ready!
Yeah... no live bait on the big pond would make it difficult this time of year. But like you said... you got out and enjoyed it!
thanks for the report and update !!

I've powerlined a few times... not a personal favorite of mine but fun none the less. :D

good luck out there !!

be sure to keep us updated.


Double Skunk! no fish witnessed. battled the wind & currents finally got 2 lines out, it's hard to shoot out with the wind in your face! not a bite but again it was nice to be out, seems like they're not running yet. guess that's what happens when you trade in alewive & smelt for gobbies & zebra muscles, i used to go out & catch em all winter long. at least we didn't have to hunt for parking and fight for a spot. meanwhile we're going to wait for some west winds that's the real key! :oops:
You will get them another day Willy. Judging from what I saw last year at least, it is a bit early yet.
yeah i know Matt just trying to shake the winter blues, cabin fever's getting to me! they used to run all winter but things have changed, hey the forecast says west winds tomorow :twisted: man i'm hard headed! if i can drag the little ones out of bed we'll be there before sun-up. don't want to let the live bait go to waste, still have some minners & crawlers left...
hey are the kings in yet? it's about that time to break out with the glo spoons :twisted:
I heard about a smaller King coming from montrose last week or the week before on a crankbait. I've actually been making that area part of my weekly routine lately. Some monster smallies swimming around up there they just happen to be of the finicky variety :D
Think were still at least 3-4 weeks away from glo spoon time(reminds me I gotta get one of those recharging lights)
I think that they usually start about a week before Labor Day. So that would be the end of August.
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