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Moon Calender for July

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Heres the moon calander for the month of july sorryits late, im going to try to post this up te beginning of eac month.

sorry its so small im going to work on my photoshop skills to make the upcoming months horrible at photoshop :oops:
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just go to "image", next to "edit" and then "image size". then blow up as big as you want. but too big and the image will start to lose clarity.

thanks for the calender. :mrgreen:
that would be awesome if you could post it ever month good post just something i noticed tho the days of the week don't match up to the dates i thought july 1st was a sat
i know i noticed that also when i looked at it, i got it frm the north american fishing club all the dates are like one day ahead
i;m guessing to just go by the date and not the day
thats what i do i just go by the date, it will prolly be more accurate
I don't really get the lunar/solar calendar thing...does anybody notice the reliability? Or am I just too skeptical? Why would that effect the bite?
my guess would have to be like the tides of the ocean. hi tide low tide. the gravitational pull of the moon. kinda like how barometric pressure effects good fishing vs. bad. just a guess.
i duno cause i never really make it out to the "good" times according tothe calender im always late sumhow
i figure i get out when i can get out, but if the tables are reliable then maybe i can get out at better times and use less quality times in other ways to make time for the better times :? or something like that....
im going to start trying harder to get out at the times they say, it shouldnt be that hard since the lake i fish at alot is like 100 steps from my house
U guys r freakin out !

Just fish whenever u have the time too. lol.

Ur gonna make it a chore and not for fun !
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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