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Another non productive day on the water... I'm convinced fish know when I'm around, since I haven't been able to buy a fish the last 3 weeks or so.

Not that it was a good thing, but my son was using crawlers and only managed one palm sized gill. Not even a channel cat.

Threw buzz baits, rat-l-traps, senkos, brush hogs, topwater frog etc... nothing.

The park itself is very nice, clean and quiet even on this holiday weekend. Guys at the marina/baitshop said they were really busy- which meant 11 boats on the water including ours.

The lake looks like it could produce some decent fish, has some decent shore structure and lots of weedbeds, slight stain to the water.

If we venture back, we'll plan on camping- probably should have just drove the extra 1/2 hour to the Mississippi.
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