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Muskies 'r' Us

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Heh, heh, I can't help myself! And since there isn't a 'other waters' section I'll have to post it here. Yep, fishin' the private pond in Des Plaines again today and just before we were going in, 'WHAM', my buddy gets a hit on a dead roach. Then it breaks the surface and sails in the air, darts toward the boat, under the boat, and just as he lifts him full out of the water (all 36" of him)...... the line snaps! He's getting bigger! If only I could invite you Bassers there :lol: . I would if I could, but alas I cannot. I guess we'll just have to suffer by ourselves :twisted: !

I apologize for flaunting the joy of having a Musky hole right around the corner, but I know you guys would too! I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow afternoon......

PS Oh, the LM's were hitting on everything today. Couldn't keep 'em out of the way :wink: .
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You dog... :shock:

I'll tell you what... private ponds are indeed awesome.

And here comes the "other waters" forum.

Thanks for reminding me Topwater.
Keep teasing us and we're going to stalk you! :lol: Hope you get that beast! Post a pic when you do!
Man, if fishin' ain't a mind game! Today, same pond, same time, completely different results. With one exception (and a real good one, a pretty good size catfish, biggest I've seen around town, made me think I had the Musky on!) otherwise completely dead. Oh a couple of Bass and a few bluegill. But compared to yesterday, a real let down. I did look at the trees after an hour or so and no suprise, winds out of the east! Oh well, go at em again soon.
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