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I got out Saturday with Mike Day from Sound Photography aka ( muskieHunter ) and his Girl, Rhianna ,.J We launched in Channel lake around 630am and spent most of the morning hitting the usual spots !! Mike showed me a couple of his favorites. Water temps started out around 54 and the sun was high and not a cloud in the sky. The water was really clear . We threw bucktails , gliders and top waters over weed beds and around the sandy lanes in them weed patches. The best we could do is spark a little interest in 3 fish for the day, no takers L .. With Mike's super X-Ray polarized glasses he did notice that these fish had some battle wounds on them. One thing we noticed too was the amount of HUGE bass on beds , and I mean HUGE !!!!!!!!! I never knew the Chain held such big bass.. Them bass were only interested in one thing LOVE !!! they showed no interest in any lures. There were a bunch of guys out there finesse fishing them , but we saw no one take any. Well we slid over to Marie , Bluff , then I showed Mike some of the southern lakes.. and oh yeah,, of course we pulled baits (X-RAP) through the channels !!!
( hey joe,, I think rapala should send you and Gordon some freebies , the x-rap is hard to find now !!)
Well no ski-s in the boat for Saturday , we waved to JD , saw Phil out there and spoke with Hadley later on. As always Mike is great company and one heck of a good fisherman , I will fish with him anytime ,and Rhianna was a real trooper !!
Hey Mike ,I'm looking forward to the Pierce trip !!! thanks again ..
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