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My river is finally starting to pick-up

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The past few day have been pretty good with I'm guessing about 80 fish, including 5 musky and 3 walleye. Quality could be better with the smallies but action was outstanding yesterday with about 45 fish.

Musky weren't big but they're always good at getting the blood going literally and figuratively. Things happen fast with musky in the net, they thrash pretty good and sometimes get you with their teeth when you get them under the gill plate.

1/8oz tubes in 3.5" in pumpkin seed colors, 1/4oz jigs with 3" white twister tails and a 6" Jake did most of the work. Always bring a Musky net if you're Musky fishing, it's easier on the fish, you and makes successfully landing them much easier. I don't really get hung up on color but I'm a creative of habit and like watermelon and pumpkin seed with plastics.

As always find the quiet pockets of water next to fast water, slack pools and seams and you'll generally find the fish. There's not much skill required when they're biting but it's still fun.

I think I'm gonna try topwater baits and kits toys soon if you remember my post a few years ago about the LPS, The Troll and the Cat. After a while you get bored and wonder what stupid things will catch them.

I'm blessed in that I've fished this spot for about a week and I've never had another angler to deal with and maybe 2 to 4 sightseers. If you recognize this place please refrain from naming it. It took me years to find my A list spots up here.

P.S. I'm wearing my work shirt and in some of my photos and I'd rather keep that private.
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Amazing!! If the big guy upstairs had to pick one of his favorite rivers to fish, you might be crossing lines with him one day!
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