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NC Report

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Beautiful day on the water yesterday, catching not so much.

I traveled some distance to fish an area that I had some good intelligence on. A friend has been having some recent success on this small body of water so I decided to make the 102 mile trek to join up with him. Last week he had 2 spectacular days with his best day being 8 cats and a total bag weight of 230lbs+

Absolutely gorgeous day, almost no wind to contend with and a slight current. We anchored in various spots but our results did not match his from last week. I got 4 blues with my best at around 8 lbs. One was a super dink and the other 2 were eaters which went in the livewell. He nabbed a few small ones but had a decent fish at just over 20lbs. I lost one that felt decent but it came unbuttoned. Water temps were 62-64 degrees.

This body of water is river like with a dam on each end and on either side is a decent sized reservoir. If I lived closer I would be fishing it quite a bit because it’s not big and should be fairly easy to learn. No map for this one on my map card so I had to search for the channel and holes to locate fish. I marked fish everywhere but not sure what they were. Sure didn’t want our baits. We fished cut crappie, shad, white perch and chicken thighs.

Next week I plan on trying another new to me body. We’ll see how it goes.
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Seems to have great potential. Enjoy the Spring!
You have any nearby streams can put a canoe in Joe get some smallies?
I have to drive close to 3 hours for smallmouth. There are 3 nearby streams/rivers. 2 with good access. One has some good bass in it but the water level can be tricky. It can get really low at times and if they start releasing water out of Falls Lake then the current is too swift.

My best option is the Eno/Flat River. It reminds me of the DPR. Mostly narrow and winding but it has more depth. Where I fish it there is only one viable option to launch. Lots of fish in this flow. Mostly crappie,white perch and largemouth.

My problem is I got hooked on these dang catfish. They are good fighters and it’s easy old man style fishing. Now that I have my boat it’s like I’m fishing out of a recliner.

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I know exactly what you're talking about. Just love fishing for Big catfish
Joe love seeing that you're still making us all jealous with your near year round fishing conditions lol
Nice! Still waiting for that Atlantic 75lb redfish and speckled sea trout report.;)(y)
"Now that I have my boat it’s like I’m fishing out of a recliner."
Great line, nice fish report, better fish
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