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I bought a ton of Senkos @ wholesale price and would like to share the wealth.

I got about 100 packages of Senkos & Swim Senkos in my room right now in Evanston. All of them are 5" only

Got colors from Black, Blue Pearl, Watermelon, Green Pumpkin, to Cinnamon with various flakes. $4.50 a package. A lot better than paying about $7.80 at Bass Pro or Cabelas with the tax

Also have some Berkley Gulp! in 10ct packs
$3 a pack
2 5" Shaky Worm in Watermelon Candy
1 5" Blue Speck Shaky Worm
1 6" nightcrawler Watermelon

Berkley Powerbait
100 Count Large Bag in
7" Tequila Sunrise
$24.99 Retail price
Asking $13 for the bag

Feel free to PM me with what colors you want in the Senkos

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Also got some great largemouth tube jigs

10 4" Venom Salt Series Tube baits
Colors are Black/Red Glitter & Black Neon

Looking at the packages, they look the exact same to me. A black tube jig with red and green flakes on it. Doubt it works for smallmouth but I know it's a killer color for largemouth in some lakes.

$3 a package.

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Here are most of the remaining colors I have left.
Gary Yamamoto Swim Senkos and regular Yamasenkos
I have anywhere from 2-8 packages in each of these colors

#221Cinnamon W / #320 Pink Tip
#194Watermelon W / #192Chartreuse Tip
#194Watermelon Jw / Lg G & Blk Flake
#297Green Pumpkin NF / Lg Grn, Purple
Watermelon / Blk Flake
Grn Pumpkin w/ Red Flk
Grn Pumpkin w/ Copper
Black w/Sm Red Flake
Black/Blue Laminate
Smoke/ Blk & Gld Flake
Blue Pearl / Silver Flake
Plum w / Sm Emerald Flake
Grn Pumpkin w / Blk Flake

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you have any pics of the stuff?? or is this in your "homemade" packaging?

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These are all in the Gary Yamamoto bags. These are the real things. I'm going to borrow my friend's camera either today or tomorrow.
It's kind of hard to find 100 empty Gary Yamamoto packages and put my own creation into them.

:wink: :wink:

The Gary Yamamoto bags are also the new kind, the attractive clear and colored bag. Not the older style plastic with only black lettering that tended to smear.

I have about 50 or so Yamasenko/SwimSenko Bags left. Remaining colors are listed here along with the amount of packages left on the left side. These are all 5"

Amt Color
7 #221Cinnamon W / #320 Pink Tip
3 #194Watermelon W / #192Chartreuse Tip
2 #194Watermelon Jw / Lg G & Blk Flake
7 #297Green Pumpkin NF / Lg Grn, Purple
7 Watermelon / Blk Flake
2 Watermelon/Black&Red
1 Grn Pumpkin w/ Copper
3 Watermelon/Red&Green
2 Black w/Sm Red Flake
2 Black/Blue Laminate
2 Smoke/ Blk & Gld Flake
1 Blue Pearl / Silver Flake
2 Plum w / Sm Emerald Flake
3 Grn Pumpkin w / Blk Flake

These are the Swim Senko Colors and packages
2 #042 w / Sm gld. Lrg Blk
1 Smoke w / Black & Purple
1 Watermelon / Red & Green
5 Watermelon / Black & Red

Sorry about the bad pictures, this is a web camera. I just put the pictures up to show how many bags I have left and that these are really Gary Yamamoto Senko Bags

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