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I did go fishing at Deep Lake and found a new way to fish and even a new place to fish.

Trolling is a new method. I had read about it but never done it seriously with a motor. So my friend Roger and I trolled the weed lines of the southern part of Deep Lake.

We caught two keeper bass, and released them.

I caught mine first trolling with a crankbait that's rated for a 5 foot depth on retrieve. I was passing very close to some southern weed line when I felt a few ticks on my rod. Then resistance on the rod. I couldn't tell if it was a weed but I just assumed it was a bass and played it as such. Sure enough, a bass finally appeared on the surface with a nice wetsuit of weeds. I brought him in, took a picture, and released him. I think I caught him on a Bomber crankbait.

If you think of Deep Lake as a boot (it does look like that), Roger caught his bass near the shoelaces of the boot before the point. That would make it the northern weeds in the southern bay.

Roger was a paid guide years ago for trout in Wyoming and he used to joke about me catching "trashfish" on my outings. After all, how many bluegill can one man catch. But I think my last two outings to Deep Lake have made him a believer in large mouth bass. He did ask, why don't they fight more?

I told Roger there's a big difference between a 1.5 pound bass and a 4 pound bass. Too bad there aren't any smallmouth bass at Deep Lake. They're real fighters.

By the way, as we trolled east along the south weed lines I saw a splash 20 feet ahead of the boat, then 5 feet ahead of the boat, and then as we moved along, I saw a beautiful green swirl bent almost in two as it disappeared from the surface. I'm pretty sure it was a northern pike.

Hey Jason, I think I found where you caught that beautiful bass last week. I wasn't looking for it, I just found a nice pocket of water that was surrounded by lily pads, mossy weeds, and some other weeds. The water was 3-5 feet deep with just enough weeds to hold fish. A great pocket of water where the bluegill were willing to bite. I could have caught dinner there but I prefer bass.

In that same pocket of water I did get a hard tap on a plastic worm. I set the hook but missed him. The worm was a bit mangled. Wish I had caught that bass.

Overall it was lots of fun at Deep Lake. Honestly, we started at 10:30 AM and fished until 4:30 PM, only two bass caught trolling but lots of fun. I'll get better at trolling and now have a new bluegill/bass spot to check out at the lake each time I visit.
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