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Ed Shirley sports on Dundee Rd. is having a "Going Out of Business" sale. Starting @ 8:00a.m. Thurs. April 5th. Everything marked down 20 to 50% off.
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Thx , I`ll have to go chek it out
I am sure that Augy is excited, since that is his favorite store. :wink: Well, atleast the Morton Grove store is. I can hear the bait monkey calling you Augy to go there and buy another pole. I know it is calling me, but I am resisting the urge. :(
Went AGAIN today. The guy who works there said that he might be reopening in the same location (Palatine) if he gets the financing he needs. Also said that it might be nice not having to work for a grumpy old man. They still have plenty of inventory left, thought that they would be fished out like Axhead trout. :D
Never been up there, I'll have to check it out this weekend in MG
The MG store is still open, under another name. Several of the former employees purchased it from Glen Shirley. So no sale going on at that location, only Palatine.
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