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:D whasssssssssssssup!!?

Jessica and I got out for some more night time bass action.

Left the city at 710pm...had to make a stop at Mens Warehouse and return my tux from a wedding i was recently in...197 dollars in late fees!!!!! :evil: :evil: man crappy way to start!

Hit the same 3 ponds as the last venture.

Started fishing by 820pm...still a little daylight...but not much looked like it could start pouring any minute.
second cast(guess i need to adjust reel settings) I get the worst birdnest backlash, tree catch thing i have ever gotten ever!... i had no choice but to take a blade stright to the spool and cut off alot of power pro :( :( :( man that stuff is $$$ too :( :(

well I dont even know how long I was messing with that mess....jessica however is working the shore line, and i didnt know until she made her way around the entire pond, back to me....that she caught 2 bass.

she was fishing a sliver and black Hula Popper. and she took a pic of the bigger one. 8) 8)

I am back and ready...and I return to casting a jitter bug frog colored.

times passes alot of it...nothing goning on no action!

Then i hey my first blow up of the night! :D

And that was all for the more bites :( stop fishin at 1145.

still night time top water fishing is da bomb!

JayPee The HHF!
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