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Got out last night with the girlfriend... we fished 8:40pm - 11:15 pm.

made the drive from the city to the suburbs of Palatine...and hit up 2 ponds i grew up around for a couple years....Jessica started out with her favorite, a 3 inch white and tan power grub on a lead head... it was her second cast and she got this guy.

a couple cast later...while im working out backlash issue she gets her second fish hehe! :lol:

i was throwing a white booyah buzzbait...not the pond size one...the real deal one. I missed my first 2 blow ups (same fish i believe), but 3rd try is a charm....blow up...1,2...felt fish....hard hook set!

and BOOYAH! hehe :D

we continued on...and that was that for pond we packed it up and move to pond two...

Jessica again gets into the action quick...but lost fish to a line break...she is now fishing a chatterbait frog.... i stick with the buzz bait, and couldnt keep the little guys off of it.

I must have caught 10 more bass at pond two...the one below being the best one.

It was a fun night! and very comfortable for fishing!!!

thanks for reading,
Keep it real, keep it safe!

JayPee The HHF!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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