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North Point 10/6 & 10/8

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I know it`s a late report but I was waiting to see if I could get out on Monday afternoon before I put up a bunch of different posts.
On Friday Morning I set up right on the line in 100` and pointed it East. I didn`t mark any bait or fish on the way out. There were left over waves from the night before, and it flattened out as the day progressed. I had the `riggers down 55`-110`and took it all the way to 210`. I didn`t have any "Hot`n Heavy" action, the fish were scattered. One rod would pop then another seemed to follow in quick succession, then a dry spell. The only other charter out was about 3 miles South of me and had the same results. The only difference being, most of his hits came on dodger/fly combos and mine were on spoons. The best rods were the Stinger "Kevorkian" down 89` and the Silver Streak "Hot Lobster" down 115`. My wire dipseys (180` and 200` out) only took a few hits early and were dead for the rest of the trip. We ended up 9/17 or so if you count every bump we had, mostly 3 yr. old kings with 2 bo`s in the mix. I did`t see one cloud of bait for the entire trip, only random hooks.
For the afternoon I was the only charter boat out and only saw one other boat trolling. It was a beautiful afternoon, the winds died down and the Lake was laying down nicely. I slowed down right on the line at 70` and did a pass over the hill to see if any bait or fish returned, no luck. From that point it was again out to the depths. We had our first hit at 120` with a Laker taking a # 2 wire dipsey back 180` with a green fly behind a white "Hot Spot". The next came at 150`, another Laker, that went after the "Hot Lobster" down 115`. As I reached 160` the marks were more abundant than the morning, but again no bait. This time I trolled out to 220` and we took a few fish out in the deeper water including a few bo`s. As we passed back over 200` we had a triple, one on the lead with a Stinger "Green Dolphin", another on the "Hot Lobster" down 115` and the last hit the # 2 wire dipsey 200` back White Spin Dr./ green flie. As you can tell the fish were all over the column, with no particular pattern to go by. I was going to turn back after I got all the lines in, but we took another hit so I kept it pointed West. It was the same pattern as the morning dry spells then a couple rods would pop. The action slowed as I passed the 160` mark with only two more hits inside of that. On the way in, under power, I marked bait that was starting to regroup in the 100` range. This was the first time I marked bait all day. We ended up 14 for 22 or so with the 2 Lakers , 3 Bo`s and the rest Kings.
On Sunday I had a mid day taking off at 10, the Lake had a slight chop to it despite the dead calm wind on shore. I set up in 140` as once again I didn`t mark any bait on the way out. There were 2 other Charters fishing and one was working the 80`-110` range and the other was a few miles South out at 160`. Neither had a good program working, so I did the same as I did on Friday, East /West just South of the line. Once again nothing changed, no bait and random marks. I took it out to 220` and picked up a couple bo`s along the way and brought it back in taking Kings as well. The only rod to go off 3 times was a # 2 wire dipsey 300` out with a Smoke/ Lil` Boy Blue fly. I was changing baits every time we`d go over marks with no takers, and I never found a "Hot" set up. We ended up 8 for 14 or so, again considering every short hit the rods took. All Kings with a few 3 yr. olds, and one little guy that managed to get all three hooks of the treble in it`s mouth making a life saving release impossible.
Here is the best rack I had, Friday afternoons` trip. Boy is it getting dark early, the shot was taken just before 7.

These windy days are really starting to get old, they are constantly scattering the bait and fish. As soon as the lake settles down, the winds are coming in strong from a different direction.
The only good thing to come from this is that there are no flies to contend with.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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