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Well the reports and action hasn`t changed up at North Point or anywhere else on the Western shore by what I`ve heard, as far as the coho run is concerned. Grant it it`s still April, even though we were blessed with summer like weather, the Lake is still cold.
I took out a great bunch of kids from the Dundee-Crown High School Fishing Club on Saturday morning. Charter boats were looking for fish from the beach out to 200` plus, all with the same results, slow. We took our first fish after about an hour and a half of washing baits looking for any signs of life on the sonar. The surface temp was 44° and it was 39° 50` down in 70 FOW. It was a nice 11 Lb. King out 25` on a dipsey with a #3 setting, "00" orange dodger, green/gold coho fly. It was fought very well, after making a few runs and winding up over 150` out on the counter, it was finally subdued by the young lady on the boat, Holly. With water temp. where it is, the fish, being cold blooded, fight longer and harder then they do in the summer. Now we were back in the search mode, after an hour or so I brought it into the mid 40`s and started marking big clouds of bait. Not long after a `rigger just off the bottom took a bump, as soon as I re-set the bait, the rod with a full core of lead and a Silver Streak Green Dolphin started thumping, giving another decent fight an 8 Lb. brown made it to the net. I looped around and then a board with a "00" orange, green/ blue fly brought the first coho to the boat. As you can see we`re really developing a pattern here :roll: . Then the `rigger that took a bump earlier popped and another nice fish was on. After hearing "My arms are getting tired" (I offered to cut the line to help relieve the pain 8) ), a 13 Lb. King that went after a Silver Streak "Smurf" for a mid-morning snack was landed. Once again I looped around and the same board that took the first coho brought a 3 lb. Bo to the box. Now it was time to head in, we had a board that was occasionally taking line, and it had a 2 Lb. coho in tow. It was a little choppy and I thought it was the results of the waves, that`s my story and I`m sticking with it! We ended up 6/7 with 2 Coho, 2 Kings, a Brown and a Steelie. Despite the lack of action, we had some nice fish. My best was a North bound troll, 2.3 Kts. surface which was 2.0 MPH at the ball going by my trusty Depth Raider. It seemed the fish were concentrated in pocket`s, and I was fortunate enough to find one.

For the afternoon I went to the same area and found the fish had moved. We had some strong off shore winds that pushed the bait out to the 70`s where the only fish of the trip, an 11 lb. Laker ( which I needed on my morning trip for a "Grand Slam" ) took a Magnum "Smurf" down 50`. I fished the mid depths as some other boats were out 240` plus and some were on the beach. The most fish caught for the afternoon I heard was 4, a couple came in empty, it`s tough right now.
On Sunday morning going by the weather forecast of strong winds and basically the same action coming from any depth on the Lake, I took it shallow keeping it in the 15`-20` range South of the Nuke. We took a 3 lb. coho on the same 25` dipsey as the morning prior after almost 2 hrs. of hunting. I had a friend just North of me, and told him about the action I had late morning in the mid 40`s on Saturday, he headed out to see what he could find. He called back and said he didn`t see anything and kept going, but when he reached 70` the screen lit up with clouds of bait and big marks around them. I was planning on heading back to the mid 40`s as I did the day prior, and he convinced me to take it to the 70`s. As I turned the boat East and reached 60` a `rigger down 55` took a hit and after about a 10 minute fight we landed an 11 Lb. King. This one took the same Magnum "Smurf" as the day prior. I took it out to the 70`s and saw the same clouds and hooks on the sonar, but couldn`t get anything to hit. I was bringing it back in to the 40`s when a bird went, showing another 3 Lb. coho what a cooler looked like from the inside. That`s how we ended up the trip with 2 coho and the King.
For some reason the fish turned on last Saturday afternoon (4/21) I heard of one boat coming in with 30 fish and another close behind. Other than that it`s been very spotty for everyone.
Hopefully the fish are just waiting for the water to warm a little more and start to show up.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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