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The lake was dead calm and we were out in some pretty thick fog as we left the dock at 6. I headed Southeast out of the harbor and set up in 70` around 42`28", after a mile troll we had 10 in the box. I turned it out to the 80`s as I pointed it North to avoid other "Blips" on the radar. Not long after the fog started to lift. It turned out to be a beautiful morning and the fish were still on the move. I pointed it out to deeper water and found aggressive fish in the 100`-130` range. We had 3 boards, all on the same side, go simultaneously and then a steelhead took the last board out. He was jumping all over the place and wrapper himself up, it was like dragging in a log. Despite that he still managed to free himself prior to finding the net .
Early on, in the fog, the `riggers down 5`-10` were the ticket as it lifted I dropped them down 10`-18`. It was the usual spread "00" orange dodgers ahead of the coho size flies. We took our 7 man limit ( the kids are gonna` eat good tonight :wink: ) and were back in a few hours.

It appears the school we`ve been blessed by having right out in front is heading out to the deeper water. We`ll have to wait and see what the strong North to East winds will bring the next couple of days. Hopefully they won`t force them out to 200` :evil:

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim :?
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