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The winds were blowin` pretty strong on Saturday morning out of the North :x . A few boats went out but most, as myself, felt there were better days to be out on the Lake.
I called my afternoon trip and told them of the conditions and what to expect. The winds were supposed to taper off, but it would still be sloppy. This was a bachelor party, and it was part of their agenda, they were going and they were determined to have a good time (And that they did :wink: ). I started out in 40` right on the line and trolled East. By the time I reached 80` the wind managed to push the boat over 1/2 mile South. We had action right away and pick up a few fish on the way out, I had a decent troll going as far as speed control, along with the most comfortable ride for the group. At that point I turned back West, we again had decent action so I stayed in the general area for the length of the trip. It slowed for us in the last hour (I later learned the school went further South) as we only needed 2 more for our limit and it took just about all of that to get them. As I was pulling rods a board went, and as it got closer I saw we had a snag rather than a fish. We managed to hook up with someone`s lead core that had broken off. As we brought in the lead hand over hand, we found a coho in tow, still kicking and ready to meet his new friends in the cooler. At this point one of the patrons noted that after having a few beverages, it was easier to stand :shock: We came in with their limit and one for myself, on what turned out to be only the beginning of a well thought out party :wink:

On Sunday morning it was a beautiful day, the kinda` morning I wish we had the day prior :roll: We had a late start and left about 6:30. I set up in 40` at 42° 28`N and once again we had action from the get-go. I took it out to the 70`s and worked a spot back and forth. It wasn`t as fast and furious as it was last week prior to the winds, but it was still very steady. We had out 6 man limit and were back just after 9.

The fish are still hanging around :wink:, and are very aggressive despite the fact most of them had their bellies stuffed with alewives. The bait I found while cleaning them ranged in size from a little over an inch to almost 5". The usual spread of an orange "00" dodger ahead of a 1/2"-1 1/2" long flie did all the damage.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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