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That was the "Phrase That Pays" on the boat this morning, I thought I had the Sopranos out :roll: That was the call to the rod rather than the ole` stand by "Fish On".
It was the same basic spread orange "00" orange dodger ahead of a coho flie. Anywhere from 8`-20` down on the `riggers, #3 dipseys 25` on the counter, boards 5/8 oz. keel sinker 50`-60` back.
I started just South of the harbor in 30` heading Southeast, it was steady all the way out to the mid 40`s where I turned around to look for a lost bird, too choppy, so now another present`s out there for someone :? I brought it in as shallow as 25` and we had our 6 man limit in about 2 hours :wink:

It has once again been very good out of North Point, call in sick, take a vacation day, quit your job :shock: . Whatever it takes to get out and take advantage of this great opportunity we still have :wink:
The fish have remained in the area for 2 weeks now, and I, as many, am hoping the trend continues. They are coming in stuffed with bait, and today I even saw some Alewives dying in the harbor. I hope that, judging by the size of the current coho crop, that the Kings are feeding well too. It would be nice to bring in some of those bad boys pushing the upper 20 pound range on a regular basis this summer 8) .

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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