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The weather hasn`t changed from the start of the season, it`s been windy and the fish are scattered, constantly moving and forming pockets. If you can find action, or good marks, stay on it. We`ve noticed a sudden change in wind direction will turn on or shut off the bite like a light switch.
I`ve still been running the smaller "00" dodgers and flies, it appears the larger "Slider" 2" flies are out producing the smaller ones tied to the hooks. Some boats are running the larger summer size combos. I`ve had more success with spoons on my deeper `riggers for Kings, and the depths vary day by day from 30`- 40` down to 95`-105` the next. Boats have been trolling from 10` out to 250` plus.
I`m not going to try to remember any specifics as I`ve constantly been moving and changing my program as well. The highlight was when the strong blow on Friday stacked the fish in the 40`-100` range and memories of last years coho run were back, albiet briefly. We had 6 on at once with my afternoon trip and took 14 within 20 minutes, by Saturday morning they were once again scattered.
We had decent action every time out, and I`m not going to put up pics from all the trips, the heaviest rack I had was on Sunday fishing between 110`-150` just South of the line.

With the largest King just over 17#`s being held up by my mate.

I don`t want to flood the post with pics from the rest of the trips since my report although vague, with no real pattern to speak of, is the best I can do. If interested they can be viewed on my 2008 pics page:

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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