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North Point 5/29

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Today was the first day I was able to fish, part of the time anyway, without a jacket as the winds were light and the sun at times was warm. I had the infamous "Waukegan Wally" and his crew out for his annual coho trip. I set up in 65` of water just South of the line and we had action between 95` and 120` with the 105` depth initially being the best. The `riggers down 60` and 72` with a Black Fin Tuna and Kevorkian took a few hits early on bringing a few Kings to the cooler. As the morning progressed I wandered out to 135` where the boards saw action with the best flies being very small (few strands of tinsel left) in either green or aqua. I switched some spoon colors around and everything I had out seemed to take a hit, boards, `riggers down 14` and 18` as well as the deep ones, #3 dipseys out 40`, and a full core of lead with a bloody nose spoon. It was a great day to be out, with a great group of guys, decent weather and action . We landed 4 Kings between 8-10 pounds, no monsters but a nice addition to the chunky coho :wink: .

There are quite a few marks in the 20`-50` range but the water is stained, hopefully the southwest winds will clear it up a bit for this weekend.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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