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Made our first trips this past weekend and the fishing was good when the winds cooperated.
On Saturday we headed straight out, with the stained water out to about 50`, I set up in 100` and continued East, the fish were starting to school up, meaning you`d go for a while and have a couple of rods go, and then another dry spell. I zigzagged between 120` and 140` South to the Nuke and then back to the line. I saw some marks deep , 70` to the bottom, so I dropped a couple of `riggers with a Silver Streak Green Dolphin and Smurf. These rods took 4 kings, the biggest around 12 pounds followed by one just over 9. The coho were in the top 10`, with a few Bo`s mixed in, with the majority of my hits coming off the boards. A smaller peanut fly (tied to the hook) with a 5/8 oz. keel weight 30` behind the boards seemed to work best. We ended up two short of our 6 man limit with a few small coho that were hooked too badly to release.

For the afternoon trip the fish were still biting until the winds picked up from the West, which unfortunately wasn`t long after the trip started. The wind switching seemed (at least for my boat) to scatter the fish a little more than they were in the morning. We never had a double, and I had good action on my deeper `riggers. Boat control and speed was getting difficult as we had the remaining waves from the Southern winds in the morning now being hit by those from the West. The bite seemed to stop in the depths, so I trolled West hoping to find the fish were moving in shallower. We had a few more pokes around 90` and nothing after that as I ended up pulling lines in 40` of water. We ended up with 3 Kings and 7 coho loosing a few decent fish off the `riggers. On the way in I did notice the water had cleared up substantially in the 15`-20` range with bait starting to appear.

On Sunday morning the shallow water was clean and the bait was there so I set up in 25` just North of the Nuke and trolled South to the Hotel going in as shallow as 15` without another boat around me. We ended up very early with their 3 man limit and mine, after releasing a few lightly hooked smaller coho as well.

On Monday it was the same program, only this time I fished between the harbor and the Nuke. Bait was very abundant and fish were active as well. They held off on the photo op on Sunday hoping to have more fisherman and two racks to show for their effort, but only managed to find one more. They are attending a trade show and are in from the West coast, and were blessed by two beautiful mornings of both weather and fish.

Most of my action came on boards, with a few rigger bites and only a couple of dipsey hits all weekend. The coho varied in size from 14" to 4-5 pounds, we tried to release all the smaller ones without feeding the gulls :roll: .
They are predicting a real strong blow (30MPH) from the North later this week, if I remember correctly that really turned up the intensity on the coho action last year. :wink:

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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