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I was invited to participate in a multi-boat trip on Tuesday afternoon. Going by the morning reports the morning bite was best in 20`-30`. I set up in 20` right in front and trollled South. I was able to get all the lines in the water without even a bump :? . I guess we`ve been spoiled by the "Lock and Load" action :roll: . Anyway listening to the radio, a few charters were catching some right on the beach, and I knew it was going to get crowded in a hurry. Since the level I was in wasn`t producing,I went deeper, into the 40`s to see what I could find. I picked away here and there with 5 fish in the box after the first hour. I continued to troll East and as I hit the 60`s, it turned into a Chinese Fire Drill. I picked up another 21 fish by the time I reached the 90`s. The 5 on board said they were happy, and had caught enough, we ended up back at the dock by 2:30.

The big fish of the day was the `Bo just under 9 pounds. We had a few more on out in the deeper water about the same size, one tangled himself up jumping and broke the leader, the other 2 spit the hooks, again while leaping all over the place :x .
I believe there were 11 boats involved, I and 2 others had 5 passengers the rest had 6. Everyone who participated had their limit to bring home. They took the entire catch and displayed it at the turn around by the fish cleaning house. This was a sight to see :wink:

As usual "00" orange dodgers, ahead of flies did all the work. Dipseys 25`-30` on the counter, `riggers in the top 20`, and 40`-50` back from the boards with a 5/8 oz. keel weight.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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