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I wasn`t sure what to expect on Friday with the forecast predicting some strong overnight winds, and found it to be a beautiful morning in our favor.
As soon as I saw the box of donuts I remembered the trip was booked by one of Wacounda`s finest. 8) Anyway we set up South of the harbor around 80` and continued Southeast. The further out we went the better the action was and as soon as we reached 150` it really lit up. We were around 42 26` N and continued South until we reached our quota. The best flies were the smaller midget flies tied to the hook in a blue/green/gold pattern off the boards behind a "00" orange dodger, even the biggest King took this rig. While some "Jabs" were exchanged while fighting the King,(including some from his daughter) and some were made about being a "Sally", I was advised they were going to take a good look at my car and I might want to stay out of a certain town. :roll: All in all it was a beautiful day and a great group to have out. :wink:

On Saturday morning I had diverse group of friends made up of an expectant mother, in or near her ninth month (never knew it by looking at her), along with her husband. A pair of sister`s, to which I was informed as we were waiting for them, to be prepared for anything, along with their father. It was another beautiful day, with a slight breeze from the North that made it a bit cool at times coming off the 44 degree water. I ran out to 100` of water and trolled Southeast picking away at coho with a couple of deeper `riggers with spoons (Smurf & Black Fin Tuna) down 45` and 75`, I also put out a full core on a Board with a Green Dolphin trying to entice some Kings. We finally found a pocket of fish to which a dipsey, three boards, a shallow `rigger, and the lead were all hit at the same time. The drag was a bit loose on the lead as I wanted to get the other fish in the boat without having another running all over the place. All the fish made it to the cooler with a King just under 13 that hit the lead. Other than that, of our action was comprised of single hits with only a couple of doubles. The only other trying time was when we had the 75` `rigger take a hit and have the fish swim off 90 degrees to the side, only to tangle with 4 birds and my lead :? . We managed to get the King to the box and despite having to cut the lines,not loose any gear. The same sister (first time out) that landed one off the lead, got this one to the net as well. :)

After cutting the lines to the birds, I had to trim off about 5 yards off the lead along with 25` of "Superline" backing. As I was putting the tangled mess in the garbage, I told the other sister it was the easiest thing to do as it was impossible to straighten out the mess. We`ll I guess all she had to hear was the word Impossible,and not long afterwards I had to eat crow :oops: as she proved me wrong by diligently working it free.

For my afternoon trip, this was the third or fourth year out for this group, and once again the video camera was running. I`m very,very,sure after this one, none of us will ever be able to run for any kind of political or elected office, :shock: just as in Vegas, "What happens on the boat, stays on the boat".
I didn`t go as far South, setting up in 130` and brought it back up towards the line as I heard from another Captain he was seeing some decent King action closer to home. It was another single with an occasional double type of a trip never finding a real good pocket.
I brought it in to 90` where we took a King on 45` rigger with a smurf. I put a lead out and chose to run it down the chute after the mornings ordeal. It wasn`t out 5 minutes with a stinger Kevorkian when it took a King, this one came in without any major difficulties and took another bump within 10 minutes of being back out. Trolling between 50` and 120` I continued out to deeper water. We managed another coupe of Kings off the spoons and a few steelies mixed in with the coho on the dodger / flie combos. I trolled East and West with my final troll all the way in from 150`. We took fish until we reached 70`, when the wind switched to the North and seemed to shut off the bite.

For me the Kings like the spoons down deeper with only one coming off a board so far the season. Shallow `riggers no deeper than 15` , dipseys back 12`-30`, and boards, as in the past, are taking the coho and steelies. The lead took some decent Kings but in traffic and with the cold water that tends to keep them from tiring, tangles become a concern.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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