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The conditions on the Lake haven`t changed much over the past week, unless you bring into account the 50 mph plus winds on Fathers Day :roll: They started blowing when I was in 80` and finally subsided as we reached 30`,(20-30 minutes later) and yes, the fish were still biting :mrgreen: I heard of a sail boat in the marina`s wind gauge showing gusts at 62mph :shock: The winds were out of the West and the waves never really had a chance to build, so tangles were our major concern.

Other than that there are plenty of fish and bait between 15`-120` of water from the line to about 5 miles South. The winds still have them scattered and it`s just a matter of finding an area and working it.

Thursday thru Sunday we had plenty of action but our hit to cooler ratio was poor to say the least we had trips going 20/35, 12/30, 15/27 ect.

Yesterday I trolled in 70`- 90` with bait and marks all over the bottom, but all my hits were in the top 30`, including Kings and Lakers. There are also some browns in the area as I picked up 6 the last few days.

I was constantly changing colors and never had any really good choice that lasted more than a day. The only advantage was seeing the fish on the sonar, knowing that they didn`t like what I had out rather than guessing.

All in all the action was good, and there are fish and bait in the area, we just need the winds to settle down so they can have time to adjust. The conditions are right for some good fishing as soon as mother nature starts to cooperate.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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