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On Friday afternoon I took it a few miles North over the line and set up in 70` zig-zagging between there and 110`. It was nice steady pace of action with nothing we couldn`t handle. The slight North breeze was refreshing especially to this group, since last year they were out on one of the hottest days of the summer. The speed was best at the ball around 2.2 and the white/green, chrome/ white dodger flie combos down 35`- 42` took their share of coho while the Magnum Silver Streak Hot Lobster and Smurf took their toll on the Kings down 45-52`. After a few hours they decided they had more fish then they knew what to do with, (Plus they had dinner waiting for them at Bob Chinn`s) so we came in early going 16/24 with a mixed bag needing only a Laker for the grand slam.

On Saturday morning the winds weren`t as strong as predicted and we set up in 45` a mile South of the line pointing it Southeast. Again the action was good, and the winds were picking up. It wasn`t too bad and boat control was the biggest issue I had to deal with. I was now in the 70`-80` range, and smoke/lil` boy blue down 35` and, chrome/ white down 38` saw some action. But after having the last 4 hits come on the "Hot Lobster" down 40` I put a another down 45` and one on the lead. These were then the studs for the morning taking almost all the hits from this point on. We ended up coming in early with their 3 man limit and mine. I was assured the guys that didn`t make it would next time after seeing what they missed.

On Saturday afternoon I ventured a mile North into Wisconsin and setup in 50`trolling out to the 70`s. Another boat was going to stay shallower seeing if the strong West winds blew the cold water and fish in. We had a quick bump and then a "Dink" came in that we were able to release without harm. The next fish was a coho and then another "Dink", not off to a good start. I was then informed by a different Charter that they were seeing better results in shallower. I had to reconfigure my spread as I was heading into 40`. I put all spoons on my `riggers as well as the lead. The Magnum Silver Streak Smurf, Hot Lobster, Black Fin Tuna, and Green Dolphin all saw their share of the action. After a while I pulled my dipseys as they never took a hit. We ended up 16/25 or so with the only coho coming in the deeper water and Kings in the shallows. Speed was best at the ball showing 2.2 on my Depth Raider.

On Sunday morning I had a late 5 O`clock start, somewhere around the tune of 2 1/2 hours. We were the last boat out, and I set up on the line in 40`, looking to see if the fish were in tight on this side of the line as well. After about 20 minutes going over plenty of bait and no hits I pointed it East. We finally saw some action in the 90`-100` range going 2/5. After another half hour or so, hearing that it had slowed from the morning bite, I pulled lines and went North into Wisconsin. As soon as I set up a charter already fishing the area told me it had slowed for him in the last 1/2 hour, just what I wanted to hear! I continued North in the 70`-80` range and started picking up fish two miles further North. The same spoons as the day before, were taking Kings that were not out there the day prior. All my baits were in the top 50` and the speed was best at 2.2 mph. We ended up 12/ 18 with a coho that must have been camera shy as I found him buried in the cooler under the ice as I returned the others from their shoot.

On Monday morning after hearing of the good morning bite I missed on Sunday, I set up a mile South of the line in Illinois with 60` of water under my boat. I was between two other Charters all heading South. We were 2 for 4 as we neared 42° 27`, the other two saw about the same amount of action. The difference being all my fish hit the `riggers and theirs the dipseys. I wasn`t happy with the marks or numbers of fish being caught so I turned it North and trolled back up into Wisconsin. I pointed it Northeast crossing the line in 90` finding the water was 64° at the surface adn 60° 45` down. This was too warm so I brought it back in. As we made it a mile North and were now in 70` we started to see some action, the water down 45`was now 7 degrees cooler. I stayed between 50` and 80` trolling North with fair action all the way to 42° 33` N. We ended up 15/ 23 or so, mostly Kings with a couple of coho and a `Bo.

As I was conversing with other Charters my "Hot" bait was different that theirs and more often than not it didn`t produce for them. And at the same time theirs didn`t do anything for me. What I`m getting at is if you have a decent program working don`t get greedy and try to have all the magic baits out. There may be something in your spread that is causing the fish to come in and hit. On the other hand if boats are dipping their nets around you and you`re dead in the water it`s time to change. Don`t change too many baits at once, it may only take one or two to appeal to the fish.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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