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North Point 6/9-6/10

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With the dismal reports for the week, and weather we had on Thursday night, hoping for better times, I postponed my Friday morning trip :( .
On Saturday morning, I was informed by a great Captain (who is working on his third book) Dan Keating :wink: , that due to those strong South winds and storms, a nice temp break formed well South of the Harbor. I set up at 42° 26`N in 90` and continued in the same direction. It looked like I was the last to show up at the party, there were already a number of boats that had left at 5 working the area :? . For about the first hour we saw little action as the surface temp was still around 48°, but as we made it a few miles further, the temp shot up to 54° and the fish there were very active. The boards were good with "00" orange dodgers 70` back with blue/gold, flies, two shallow `riggers (30` and 40`) had the bigger "Summer" presentatiions with 4" flies, in green behind white, and Lil boy blue behind smoke dodgers. The deeper ones (65` and 80`) had the Silver Streak Smurf, and Black Fin Tuna. The dipseys were working with a Blue Liz Chedded flie on one side and a Siggs Rigs "Mardi Gras" on the other, both were back 40` on a #3 setting. The action was very steady and I didn`t see a need to change any baits.

We ended up with their 4 man and mine in just a couple hours with the biggest King landed on my boat so far this season, tipping the scale at 17 pounds, taking the "Black Fin Tuna" down 80`.

I called my afternoon trip on my way in and,we were able to head out a little earlier. The action was still good, but the Southeast winds had broken up the break and the fish had started to scatter. I ran the same spread as I did in the morning, and we ended up as far South as 42° 22`N between 100` and 135`. We`d have no action for a while, and then a couple of rods would pop, this remained constant for the entire trip. Despite their most gallant attempts to shake off fish :mrgreen: , we still ended up coming in one short of their 6 man limit, with a nice King and Laker heading to the smoker.

On Sunday morning I set up in the same area as I did the day prior. I though it was bad on Saturday afternoon, but these guys made that group look like tournament professionals :shock: , we started off 4 for 11. In all honesty it wasn`t their, nor the guys on the prior trips fault, I`m kidding, and they know it 8) . We had plenty of action, and for whatever reason, the fish were shaking free. Some were hard rips on boards, or strong tugs on dipseys, and then as quickly as they struck, they were off. The difference today was that I found more fish in the 80`-100` range rather than out deeper. We came in 5 short of our 6 man limit. One that did get away was a HUGE "State Record" fish, or so we were told by the unlucky sole who lost the battle :roll: , it was a nice fish, I`ll admit to that.

On Sunday afternoon, I was supposed to be part of another 12 boat trip, but as all the other boats departed, I and another Captain were informed that some guys didn`t make it, and our services weren`t needed. So here I am with supplied food, a cooler full of drinks, and no one to play with :? . That`s OK I still got paid, and spent the afternoon cleaning up the boat. Looks like choosing the name "Lucky" once again was a good idea :D .
I found there was a very strong current from North to South, and my best speed was 1.8-2.0 MPH at the ball, this was anywhere from 2.0-2.7 Kts. on the GPS depending on direction. While looking for Kings with bigger presentations, the coho are much obliged to hit them as well, and I`m not complaining.

"Wet Nets"
Captain Jim
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Great reports. Really looking forward to getting out with you on the 1st!! Hope they're still hungry by then.
Wow those are some sweet looking salmon, you guys nail them always. Great Job! :D
they keep getting bigger everytime :shock:
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